Risk Management / Loss Control

Risk Management

VenSure Employer Services has a comprehensive Workers’ Compensation program which includes Workers’ Compensation insurance, claims administration, and loss control; including onsite inspections, safety program development, implementation and maintenance; as well as federal and state OSHA compliance.

Workers' Compensation Services

  • A.M. Best A Rated Workers’ Comp Carrier Options
  • Up to 40% Premium Credit on Qualified Accounts
  • Integrated Funding with National Banks
  • Pay-As-You-Go Comp Payments
  • Staffing Management Account Reporting Terminal
  • Collateral Financing for Loss Occurrence Fee, Claims Fund, and Deposit
  • Loss Occurrence Fees Available from 1k to 250k
  • Guaranteed 5-day Issue on Qualified Submissions

Claim Services

Our claim services act as a buffer between the injured employee, your company, the workers’ compensation carrier, and the medical care provider; thereby increasing communication and understanding and reducing the potential for litigation. VenSure’s active role in the claim adjusting process will achieve lower reserves, lower litigation rates and disability costs and improve your loss history and experience modifier ultimately resulting in lower premium costs.

OSHA Compliance

We provide OSHA compliance services designed to bring your company’s facility and operations in compliance with federal and state law. This includes, but is not limited to, fire safety, RTK, MSDS, HAZMAT, HAZCOM, driver safety and record keeping requirements. We can work with your company to review and evaluate the current safety programs in effect and assist your company in making any necessary changes.

Loss Control

VenSure Employer Services’ safety and loss control services are designed to reduce your exposure to Workers’ Compensation losses, lower your costs, and improve employee satisfaction. VenSure’s Risk Management professionals consist of OSHA trained loss control specialists and licensed Workers’ compensation claims adjusters. We work with you to keep your claims experience low, control current costs, and manage future liability by using programs focused on compliance, awareness, education, and employee participation. You will receive the benefit of an entire department of trained experts.

Loss Control Services

  • Claims management and adjusting oversight
  • Accident investigation
  • Modified/light duty return-to-work program
  • Safety program design and IIPP implementation
  • Safety inspections
  • Safety committees
  • OSHA regulation compliance assistance
  • Drug testing policies
  • HAZMAT training
  • Job task analysis
  • Employee incentives
  • Annual experience modifier analysis and audit
  • Quarterly review of loss runs

Many workplaces are inherently dangerous and unsafe acts and conditions are common. Consequently, many companies pay high premiums for Workers’ Compensation insurance. Therefore, it is important to devote great effort to promoting safety, to controlling costs, to avoiding unfortunate injuries, and to complying with OSHA. Let VenSure develop and implement a customized safety program to accomplish those goals and see just how much money a quality loss control program can save you over time.

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