Freedom Care

FreedomCare is a one-of-a-kind program that allows employers to tailor their own health benefits. FreedomCare offers a unique plan design that is certified to be 100% Affordable Care Act Compliant… All for about $100 per employee per month. No other 100% ACA compliant health benefits plan gives an employer the ability to mitigate costs and enhance its bottom line. FreedomCare also offers variations of it most coveted fully-compliant plan for less. These alternative plans that are “minimum essential coverage” (MEC) plans for those employers that want to tailor their benefits.


Although the primary purpose of the FreedomCare program is to provide affordable ACA compliance, we also provide a unique financial vehicle that can provide your clients an additional opportunity that can positively impact their bottom line.

We’ve found industries like agriculture, home healthcare, staffing companies, janitorial services, resorts, golf courses, call centers, landscaping companies, security firms, trucking companies to have high percentages of businesses that are a perfect fit for FreedomCare.  This is just a jumping off point, really any company with a large employee base of newly insured employees is a great fit. To get you started, we’ve outlined our top characteristics of the perfect FreedomCare client.

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